Partyaki is live on Kickstarter and needs your support

Partyaki is an amazing product that needs your support!

Japanese cuisine is known for its tasty and healthy dishes. When someone mentions Japanese food people usually think about seafood, but the truth is that Japanese cuisine includes many other delicious meals based on different kinds of meat. The only downside is that finding a good Japanese restaurant outside Japan is very difficult. On top of that, many of these restaurants are very expensive. This is why we have decided to find a solution for this problem and as a result of months of thinking, analyzing and assessing things we have created Partyaki!

Partyaki is a tabletop grill that serves as a mini Japanese Steakhouse located in your yard, kitchen or anywhere you want. We have created a product that simplifies the process of preparing Japanese food and in addition, it looks very attractive. If you want to experience the feeling that Japanese chefs have when they are preparing meals in their steakhouses, you can do this with Partyaki, but in the comfort of your home. The Partyaki comes with a large grilling surface, beautiful and fully functional controls, two one-quart hot pots, four molded chopsticks holders and four dual removable dipping sauce trays. As you can see, our main goal is to bring the full Japanese Steakhouse experience to your home or anywhere else you may want. In addition, every Partyaki box comes with dining essentials like pepper shakers, teppanyaki spatula, salt shakers, hot pot skimmers and even with a chef hat!


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