Our goal:

Innoveek’s™ goal is to bring world-class innovative and intuitive consumer electronics to market. This means listening to our customers, developing products that meet their needs and exceeding their expectations, while providing customer-centric service and support every step of the way. Our motto “Because, why not?” lets customers know that Innoveek™ is not afraid to push the limits of technology. Our customers deserve products made by a company who listens to them, continuously improves quality and focuses on emerging technology trends.

At the core of new product development there is vision and inherent entrepreneurial spirit. In an effort to help support this idea, Innoveek’s™ leadership is committed to building an open work environment that inspires creative thinking that compels team members to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions, not just create revenue. Innoveek™ embraces anything that can inspire creativity and innovation or improve one’s skill set. We are a team of thinkers and dreamers, not just doers.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Innoveek™ is to bring innovative consumer products to customers that make their lives easier and more fun. Customer experience is our passion. We pledge to respect our customers’ desire for exciting new devices and technology by designing, manufacturing and delivering products that help consumers feed their passion.

Value Statement:

Because we desire to enrich the lives of our customers, Innoveek™

Is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Listens to feedback about our product performance.

Desires to build a personal relationship with each consumer who honors us by purchasing our products.

Respects the time and financial resources of our customers by delivering innovative consumer goods that make a positive impact on users.

Invests in ongoing product testing and development based on national and global trends and developments.

Company Goals and Objectives:

Create a work environment that enables professional and personal growth and development.

Create an atmosphere that fosters innovation and conceptualization.

Create a consumer-centric delivery system that responds to consumers desire for innovative technological tools and toys.

The Innoveek team includes:

Jason Durant, Founder, CEO:

Jason has a degree in Culinary Arts, as well as a degree in Business, with a concentration in Operations and Project management. He brings over a decade of experience in new product development, specializing in consumer goods. Jason has proven track record of product conceptualization and leading teams to develop ultra-successful, consumer-friendly products.

Frank Safo, Founder, COO:

Frank is a seasoned sales professional in the consumer electronics space in addition to his 10 years’ experience in financial services. Franks core competencies which include strategic planning, organizational strategy and financial analysis are a critical component of the daily operations of Innoveek.

Marilyn Fernandes PMP, Manager, Product Development:

Marilyn is a knowledgeable, detail oriented, Project Management Professional, with over 15 years experience in leading teams from product ideation to customer fulfillment.  With her degree in Chemical Engineering, she not only has the knowledge and skill set for new product development management, she also has a keen understanding of manufacturing processes that help to ensure products are being developed with manufacturability in mind.

Michael Newton, Lead, Industrial Design:

Michael is a passionate creative with a broad range of skills and experiences. With a Masters of Design degree and his long list of design proficiencies, such as model-making, sketching, fabrication and advanced 3D CAD, Michael prides himself on his developed design process. He encourages collaboration and is inspired by divergent thinking in search of solutions otherwise overlooked. Michael is compelled to challenge the status quo and devoted to influencing responsible manufacturing and consumption, while offering new experiences and perspectives to consumers.