Partyaki is live on Kickstarter and needs your support

Partyaki is an amazing product that needs your support!

Japanese cuisine is known for its tasty and healthy dishes. When someone mentions Japanese food people usually think about seafood, but the truth is that Japanese cuisine includes many other delicious meals based on different kinds of meat. The only downside is that finding a good Japanese restaurant outside Japan is very difficult. On top of that, many of these restaurants are very expensive. This is why we have decided to find a solution for this problem and as a result of months of thinking, analyzing and assessing things we have created Partyaki!

Partyaki is a tabletop grill that serves as a mini Japanese Steakhouse located in your yard, kitchen or anywhere you want. We have created a product that simplifies the process of preparing Japanese food and in addition, it looks very attractive. If you want to experience the feeling that Japanese chefs have when they are preparing meals in their steakhouses, you can do this with Partyaki, but in the comfort of your home. The Partyaki comes with a large grilling surface, beautiful and fully functional controls, two one-quart hot pots, four molded chopsticks holders and four dual removable dipping sauce trays. As you can see, our main goal is to bring the full Japanese Steakhouse experience to your home or anywhere else you may want. In addition, every Partyaki box comes with dining essentials like pepper shakers, teppanyaki spatula, salt shakers, hot pot skimmers and even with a chef hat!

KickStarter Project Approved for Partyaki Home Hibachi

The Partyaki Home Hibachi Kickstarter Project Approved.

You know the feeling. The feeling you get the moment you hand in that final exam to your teacher that you’ve been working on for the last semester. It’s the moment of truth. You’re hoping you completed all the requirements to move to the next class, that your teacher can approve all you’ve been doing and you can just keep moving forward. We’re not in college anymore, but Kickstarter acts as the teacher who teaches us ( the project creator) rules, regulations, best practices and all the requirements we need to adhere to before we’re able to get our project out to the world and mark our Kickstarter project approved.

As you may know by now, we are about to reveal the Partyaki to the world in a few days. To be exact, we are going live at noon (EST) on February 27th, 2016. But before we even think about revealing Partyaki to the world, we had to submit our entire project to Kickstarter to get approved. I was confident that we had everything in order, however, there is always that little feeling of, what if I missed something. Especially when you want everything to be as perfect as possible. Kickstarter is known to manually review every project which is a layer of security that we very much appreciate. This step of quality control is necessary to protect backers from fraudulent projects and to make sure project creators don’t miss anything important.

How KickStarter Approves Projects

The Kickstarter platform has run so many campaigns in the last few years that they are able to automate certain kinds of projects in order to speed up the process. This is how the process works according to Kickstarter’s CEO: “It’s important to note that every project on Kickstarter is reviewed — first by an algorithm and then, if needed, by a member of your team”.

How KickStarters algorithm works, straight from the source

“How does the algorithm work? It analyzes thousands of attributes in a projectPartyaki_Home_Hibachi_Kickstarter_Project_Approved and looks at how our team has handled similar projects. If the algorithm gives a green light, the creator can launch their project immediately, or get personal feedback from a member of our team first. If the algorithm puts up a red light, the project is manually reviewed by their team to make sure it meets their rules. Simple as that.”

Now that you understand how it works, you can better understand the process from a project creator side. We have been working on this project for years now and we felt that it was time to submit it for review by Kickstarter. We were very pleased when we received a quick response from Kickstarter saying:

“Everything looks great! When you’re ready to go live, just click the ‘Continue to Launch’ button on the ‘Status’ page of your project”

As you can see we are ready to go! We got the green light and now is time to reveal the Partyaki to rest of the world. Hopefully you can join us on this incredible Partyaki journey.

Click Here to see the preview of our Kickstarter Page

Partyaki Home Hibachi Blog is finally here! Yay!

Jay Durant - Co-Founder & CEO of Partyaki Home Hibachi - A Product of Innoveek
Jay Durant – Co-Founder & CEO of Partyaki Home Hibachi – A Product of Innoveek

My name is Jay Durant, Co-founder and CEO of Innoveek Products, as well as the creator of Partyaki Home Hibachi. I’ve conceptualized a lot of products over the past decade in the new product development field, but nothing quite as fun, unique and exciting as the Partyaki.

Seeing the Partyaki Home Hibachi come to market means so much to me. You see, the idea to create the Partyaki came to me at a moment I knew I needed a vision. I had just been laid off and with the job market being as bad as it was, my options were only to sink or swim. I chose the latter. Focusing my attentions and efforts on the Partyaki gave me the opportunity to work hard at something that I believe in, nurture it and now, watch it grow. As we progress I can see all of the time and dedication from myself and the entire Innoveek team is really paying off. I’m so glad I made the decision to pursue this dream when I did. If I hadn’t, who knows where I would be right now, but it certainly wouldn’t be as rewarding as this experience has been and continues to be.

Building Innoveek from the ground up has been a beautiful experience and I am so excited to see where it will go. We have some tremendous ideas for new products and we can’t wait to start developing them. We value your input so on the Partyaki Home Hibachi blog you’ll not only find the latest news and updates, you’ll also have the ability to chime in throughout the development process as some of the coolest products ever are brought to market.

Partyaki Home Hibachi Stainless Steel Grill Surface By Innoveek

So what’s next? Simple. Bookmark this blog or add our RSS feed, then email a friend to tell them about us. I’m sure you have some friends that love cooking as much as you, and even if they don’t, they surely like eating! I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone! 

-Jay Durant

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