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Jay Durant - Co-Founder & CEO of Partyaki Home Hibachi - A Product of Innoveek
Jay Durant – Co-Founder & CEO of Partyaki Home Hibachi – A Product of Innoveek

My name is Jay Durant, Co-founder and CEO of Innoveek Products, as well as the creator of Partyaki Home Hibachi. I’ve conceptualized a lot of products over the past decade in the new product development field, but nothing quite as fun, unique and exciting as the Partyaki.

Seeing the Partyaki Home Hibachi come to market means so much to me. You see, the idea to create the Partyaki came to me at a moment I knew I needed a vision. I had just been laid off and with the job market being as bad as it was, my options were only to sink or swim. I chose the latter. Focusing my attentions and efforts on the Partyaki gave me the opportunity to work hard at something that I believe in, nurture it and now, watch it grow. As we progress I can see all of the time and dedication from myself and the entire Innoveek team is really paying off. I’m so glad I made the decision to pursue this dream when I did. If I hadn’t, who knows where I would be right now, but it certainly wouldn’t be as rewarding as this experience has been and continues to be.

Building Innoveek from the ground up has been a beautiful experience and I am so excited to see where it will go. We have some tremendous ideas for new products and we can’t wait to start developing them. We value your input so on the Partyaki Home Hibachi blog you’ll not only find the latest news and updates, you’ll also have the ability to chime in throughout the development process as some of the coolest products ever are brought to market.

Partyaki Home Hibachi Stainless Steel Grill Surface By Innoveek

So what’s next? Simple. Bookmark this blog or add our RSS feed, then email a friend to tell them about us. I’m sure you have some friends that love cooking as much as you, and even if they don’t, they surely like eating! I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone! 

-Jay Durant

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